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Dru Yoga is a holistic style of yoga working on connecting your mind, body and spirit with opportunities for improved health, wellness, self-awareness and healing.

Classes are tailored to the abilities of the individual participants within the class.

You practice within your identified limits, and all class components may be modified to meet individual capabilities and preferences.

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Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga with its roots in Hatha Yoga is performed in a flowing and dynamic style and includes

  • classical yoga postures (asanas)
  • pranayama (the science of breath)
  • mudras (hand gestures)
  • positive affirmations
  • empowering visualisations
  • powerful sequences

It is suitable for both beginner and experienced yoga participants.

Dru Specialised Back Care and Wellbeing classes are also offered.


Classes are tailored to your needs and limits

What does a general Dru Yoga class near me involve?

A typical class would have easy-to-do sequences and flowing movements. A key component is the energy block releases (EBR’s) which helps to release stored physical tension. The class also includes postures, pranayama (breath), relaxation and Dru Meditation. 

Joints are kept relaxed and soft during movement which creates flexibility and a free flow of energy. Your joints are protected with the possibility to increase strength and stamina.

dru yoga benalla yoga class near me at ioga care and connections
yoga for back care at ioga care and connections benalla and shepparton

Yoga for Back Care

Dru Specialised Healthy Back Care Programs usually run as a 6-8 week program with levels 1-3 depending on your needs.

The Back Care Program will help you to understand about your body and through progressive stretching, strengthening and relaxation, can give you confidence in your abilities again.

You will receive a handout of the key yoga shapes, sequences and relaxation to do at home to support you, and links to online resources.

This class is for anyone and everyone who may have back issues, including those with jobs such as tradies, truck drivers, nurses, as well as mums, dads and Grandparents to mention a few.

The class format is similar to the general Dru class but has carefully chosen sets of shapes, sequences, and relaxation to target the back specifically.

Benefits of Yoga for Back Care

Yoga performed gently and with awareness is an ideal treatment. As well as the movement and stretching, relaxation can help reduce stress and anxiety, which can aggravate and prolong back pain. By using controlled breathing and muscle relaxation techniques, participants can manage their pain better.


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The Start

Dru classes begin with an uplifting and fun ‘activation’ helping you to arrive at the session and in your body.

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Middle Sequence

This is usually followed by an energy block release sequence designed to target areas of tension with a view to releasing and aligning your energy flow.

dru yoga and iyengar yoga at ioga care and connections benalla

Continuing Sequence

Another sequence or posture(s) might then follow on.

dru yoga class for relaxation at ioga care and connections


The session finishes with a deep and restorative relaxation leaving you feeling grounded, connected, and restored.

You are in complete control

Classes are trauma informed, meaning the language used is invitational, and you have control over the choices you make in class participation.

Your boundaries are respected, and there are no hands-on assists or adjustments and no working in pairs.

You work to your ability and make choices that best suit your needs on the day.


What they say

Greater feeling of wellbeing

It gave me body awareness. I had a greater feeling of personal wellbeing.

Concentrating on an area takes on a whole new meaning

They might be stretches you have done and are familiar with, but it takes on a whole new meaning and strength when you concentrate on that area.

“I intend to incorporate the exercises into daily life

I have enjoyed the program and intend to incorporate the exercises into daily life.


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