Yoga for wellbeing, trauma recovery, healing, back care and general wellness

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Group or 1:1 sessions in person or online with options for studio or in-home sessions.

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Dru Yoga

With its roots in Hatha yoga, Dru yoga is an holistic style of yoga working on connecting your mind, body and spirit with opportunities for improved health, wellness, self-awareness and healing.

It is practised in a flowing, dynamic style and includes:

Classical yoga postures (asanas)

Pranayama (the science of breath)

Mudras (hand gestures)

Positive affirmations

Empowering visualisations

Powerful sequences

It is suitable for both beginner and experienced yoga participants.

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Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma can impact your relationships, both your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others. This practice of trauma sensitive yoga is a way to restore your connection between your mind and body and cultivate a sense of agency that is often compromised as a result of trauma. Trauma sensitive yoga can offer the space to reconnect with yourself in a safe, supportive, and caring environment to promote and enable healing opportunities.

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Yoga for Back Care and Wellness

Developed by Dru Yoga, the Back Care Program is an evidence-based program to help you understand about and, provide you with tools to manage back pain. It offers a safe and proven solution to reduce, manage and prevent back pain. This is done through movement, stretching, strengthening, breathing and relaxation practises.


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